Brain Dots APK Mod 2.6.2 Unlimited Coins Download

Brain Dots game for androidLet’s draw lines and hit the balls with Brain Dots APK Mod 2.6.2! Download mod file now with unlimited coins and start making fun with amazing puzzle game.

Drawing the brain-training application “brain Dots “!

All you have to do is hit two balls.

Can you erase these simple but really difficult stages?

This is a brain training game that everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy!

Brain Dots APK Mod features:

Rules are simple!

Let’s hit the two balls:

All you need to do to clean up a scenario is.

Make the blue and red balls collide.

Draw lines and shapes freely to move and roll the balls.

Flexible thinking will become the key to victory.

Pick up the feathers:

Starting with a simple pencil, moving towards crayons, crayons, etc.

We have prepared more than 25 varieties of pens of different colors and sizes.

Collect several feathers and walk through the stages.

Share the moment of victory:

You can review the time you deleted a stage in video or image.

Share in SNS to show your skills superior to your friends.

Not to mention that watching your friends ‘ game could also become a clue.

Your brain abilities will be tested:

apk mod game, which continues after Brain Wars, also proves your logical thinking and the flexibility of your mind.

As this game includes the elements of the puzzle games and Escape the Room, we would recommend brain Dots to people who enjoy brain-type puzzles, cards and strategy games.

Could it also have an impact on your children’s intellectual growth and prevent brain decay?


15 Languages! Brain Dots is played all over the world!

Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Hindi.

Brain Dots Mod game images gallery:

Puzzle game complete details:

Package Name for
Last Update dateJanuary 24, 2016
Size of Brain Dots apk mod26.8 MB
Required android OS3.0 & up
Current version2.6.2
Developer for apk puzzle gameTranslimit, Inc
Category of softwarePuzzle
User Rating4.2/5

Developer’s info:

Twitter: @braindots_app


Android is a registered trademark of Google INC.

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from the work created and shared by Google and used in accordance with the terms described in the attribution License Creative Commons 3.0.

Brain Dots apk mod functions:

You will be enjoying unlimited coins with modded file after downloading and installing it.

I humbly request to all Muslims to turn off music while playing games. Because music is HARAM in Islam. So if you don’t turn off your music you will be responsible for your SINS. I am focusing to entertain people but without music that all games includes. So please turn music off. JAZAKALLAH
If you agreed to turn off the music then click here to access downloading links

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