Cut the Rope 2 APK Mod 1.12.1 Unlimited Money Energy

Cut the Rope 2 game logo androidCut the Rope 2 APK Mod 1.12.1 is second part of the legend cut the Rope Logic puzzle series. Get mod now for free with unlimited money and energy!

Take a look at Om nom’s friends, NOMMIES. 160’s goal is to explore the lush forests, the bustling cities, the junkyard, the underground tunnels and more than 160 levels of amazing journeys!

Cut the Rope 2 mod is part of franchise by ZEPTOLAB and follows the adventures of Om nom, a cute green creature that worships candies.

Even if you are used to playing, it is difficult to learn. Cut The Rope 2 apk mod is an unexpected obstacle to a casual phenomenon loved by preschool children and adults, with a fresh mind bent. By mastering a tricky level based on real-life physics, you can fit your brain and increase your problem-solving ability. Mind-weary game? Just sit back and enjoy the cheerful and relaxed gaming atmosphere of the most beautiful free educational app for kids. If you like old version of game, you’ll love cut the Rope 2!

Cut the Rope 2 mod features:

Explore all the new places! Experience a whole new level 168 of rope cutting and try to be amazing.

Meet all the new characters! Find seven new characters, NOMMIES, to help you solve puzzles.

All New hats mumble! Customize Om nom to choose the candies you like and pick the traces of your fingers.

New Adventure are included in Cut the Rope 2 for OM nom! Experience all new graphics, sounds and gameplay elements, including the Om nom mobility feature.

Meet the new friends of Om, NOMMIES!

ROTO can carry Om nom to the best candy location. The name is delicious, dude!

Lick can make small bridges with tongues to help Om nom reach a goal

Blue can bring OM nom to the enjoyment of new levels of candy hunting and you will find it only in Cut the Rope 2 apk.

If you throw, you can throw things into the air. Use her to enhance Om Nom, candy, and your problem solving skills!

Boo can jump to new heights with fear of nom

Snail brow the wall, rolling bravely on the ceiling, pushing the surrounding candies like a boss

Ginger can burn obstacles between Om nom and candies

Cut the Rope 2 APK Mod screenshot:


Package Name for
Last Update dateApril 3, 2018
Size of android Puzzle game62.1 MB
Required android OS4.1 & up
Current version1.12.1
Developer for Cut the Rope 2 APK ModZEPTOLAB
Category of Puzzle gamePuzzle
User Rating4.3/5

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Tired of heart work and cutting ropes? Relax and enjoy the exciting adventures of Om nom in the OM Nom Stories cartoon series without leaving the app!

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What are you waiting for, help nom get his candies back! Download Cut the Rope 2 apk mod now for free!


ZEPTOLAB won the award winning franchise with cut the Rope 1 & 2, Time Travel and Magic versions. Cut the rope 2 is a game that has been downloaded more than a billion times by users worldwide since its debut in October 2010. The company has released King of Thieves, a massive multiplayer mobile title that has been downloaded more than 50 million times. My OM nom game with Pudding Monster.

Cut the Rope 2 APK Mod contains:

Modded version of game contains unlimited money and energy to add more fun to playing experience.

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