Growtopia apk mod 2.85 Unlimited Real Money

Growtopia apk mod logoKeep in mind! Growtopia apk mod 2.85 is a game where you can play with real people around the world and collect and protect items while chatting. Download mod version here for unlimited money usage or simple version for original game. Your items may be stolen if you don’t keep them safe. It is part of the gameplay and the stolen items will not be restored. All of the items you need to prevent theft are available in the Growtopia game. Use them wisely!

Note: The Options menu has a personal control area. This allows you to disable the in App purchase and Tapjoy Offer wall options or block chats with other players. Growtopia’s a creative sandbox platform MMO. This is an online game and you need internet connection for this.

Growtopia game Features:

Things you can imagine house, Dungeon, song, artwork, puzzle, etc.

Collaborate with real people-more than 13 million people have created a player account. All are in the same universe and there is no-sharding!

Play mini-games like pa Cool, surgery, quizzes, pvp warfare, CTF, race, etc.

Protect your items with an innovative locking system that you can give access to friends.

Species of plants that grow trees in Growtopia apk mod.

Splice species constantly discover hundreds of amazing items with new items added.

Growtopia apk mod secure trading system trade products.

A world space exploration of more than 3 million users, which has led to each other in perpetuity.

Communicate using full chat and messaging system.

Earn only one in-game currencies through Growtopia gameplay.

View Classic pixel graphics optimized for small screens and large screens.

Hear Cory Mollenhour’s original Soundtrack.

Your account can be used on all platforms (Android, IOS, Win, MAC).

Growtopia apk mod images:


Package Name for applicationcom.rtsoft.growtopia
Last Update dateMay 1, 2018
Size of android game66.4 MB
Required android OS2.3.3 & up
Current version2.85
Developer for Growtopia apk modUbisoft Entertainment
Category of fileAdventure
User Rating4.2/5

Contact developer for Problems:

Did you get your jewelry or have a problem? Please email to

Growtopia is the collaboration of old-school indie game developers, Seth a. Robinson and Mike Hommel.

Can’t type? Tap Eng to switch to the English keyboard! If the problem persists, try changing the keyboard. (Standard ASCII input required)

Warning: In Growtopia android game, you can buy gems using the Google in app billing system. If your child is using your device, disable the purchase or set a PIN number in the Play store.

Growtopia apk mod includes:

Real money for use in game in unlimited amount. Download mod version to have more fun. Have a nice day!

I humbly request to all Muslims to turn off music while playing games. Because music is HARAM in Islam. So if you don’t turn off your music you will be responsible for your SINS. I am focusing to entertain people but without music that all games includes. So please turn music off. JAZAKALLAH
If you agreed to turn off the music then click here to access downloading links

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