Plants vs Zombies Heroes APK Mod 1.26.3 Unlimited Sun Money

Plants vs Zombies Heroes logoPlants vs Zombies Heroes APK Mod 1.26.3 will be the next big game with a PVZ hero. Download full mod game with unlimited money or Sun to enjoy it completely. The epic battle between Destiny and flowers. Build your ultimate Combat Team, collecting heroes with super powers and incredible superpowers. Take a journey with Plants vs Zombies Heroes apk to discover a new character and face a strong opponent along the way. Play with plants and zombies for the first time on mobile. The new battle is turf!

Plants vs Zombies Heroes mod features:

Collect your Heroes:

Pick up 20 different plants and zombie heroes and unleash the super power to captivate the lawn. Would you choose a plant and deploy a masked, sharp benefactor, a green shadow? Or, should you choose a zombie hero and call it a Super Brains, a Zombies secret weapon that prefers a powerful punch and hair gel? The super power selection of each hero will help determine the team’s winning strategy.

Make your team in Plants vs Zombies Heroes apk mod:

Every hero needs a crew. Gather your teammates, hone your skills and diversify your skills from the PVZ heroes characters you know and love to daring new plants and zombies. There are hundreds to discover! Choose a compatible teammate and try out with a devastating combo and devise a clear strategy for your hero. Or, use Auto Team-builder to quickly create a team, experiment with new strategies, and automatically upgrade your team to collect new characters.

Go on an adventure:

As you travel through the PVZ Hero universe, you will continue to take action-packed battles and go further along the always-blooming map. The thirst of the brain and the battle against the enemy of the plant-each side has a different path. Encounter challenging bosses of Plants vs Zombies Heroes mod with tricky forces and abilities and defeat them for legendary rewards!

Play Against friends:

Test your team when you take other players in an exciting real-time match. Build your bank when you earn rewards to beat your hard enemies and complete Crazy Dave’s daily missions. Who will become the master of Ultimate gardening? Reaped your courage-the fighting is starting!

Plants vs Zombies Heroes apk mod images:

Action game specifications:

Package Name for
Last Update dateMay 17, 2018
Size of Plants vs Zombies Heroes APK Mod68 MB
Required android OS4.1 & up
Current version1.26.3
Developer for Zombie smashing gameELECTRONIC ARTS
Category of apkCasual
User Rating4.4/5

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Plants vs Zombies Heroes apk mod:

It contains unlimited money or sun for you with which you will be able to buy your desired plants to make more fun.

I humbly request to all Muslims to turn off music while playing Plants vs Zombies Heroes mod game. Because music is HARAM in Islam. So if you don’t turn off your music you will be responsible for your SINS. I am focusing to entertain people but without music that all games includes. So please turn music off. JAZAKALLAH
If you agreed to turn off the music then click here to access downloading links

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