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SimCity BuildIt mod game logoWelcome to SimCity BuildIt APK mod Mayor! Download mod file to get unlimited gold and money and enjoy when you design and create a beautiful, vibrant metropolis, you become a hero in your own city. As your city gets bigger and more complex, every decision is yours. Make your citizens happy by SimCity BuildIt mod and have a smart choice to make your skyline grow. Then deal with the fellow mayors, chat, compete and join the club. Build a special way with the most popular city builders on mobile!

SimCity BuildIt mod features:

Live in your city:

Building skyscrapers, parks, landmarks, factories and more! Strategically place buildings so that taxes flow and cities grow. Solve real problems such as traffic, fire, and pollution. Provide services such as power plants and police and increase the population in parks and education. Continue the traffic by a grand road or tram. Keep up the fun challenge to shape your society.

Draw your image on the SimCity BuildIt map:

Spread along the beach at the marina, Water park and luxurious beach front. Make a Tokyo-style neighborhood and expand your unique landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Discover innovative technologies in future cities and exercise in sports stadiums. Hit the SimCity BuildIt apk mod town in a Las Vegas building and go to Hollywood in a movie studio. There are always new and different things to make your city unique.

Fight towards victory:

Compete with club wars in real-time PvP SimCity BuildIt apk mod. In club wars, a club member of the mayor declares a strategy and a war with other cities. When the battle begins, watch the debris survive the damage from the crazy disaster of the partner like Disco Twister and the plant monster. Get the disaster cards, SimCash and other valuables you use to improve your battles and cities. They also capture other players in the mayoral contest. Complete the weekly challenge and raise the ranks to advance the league. Be the top mayor and get the rewards to upgrade and beautify the city with help of SimCity BuildIt.

Connect and team up:

Join the mayor’s club and exchange supplies with other members and talk about strategies and resources available. Please cooperate to help someone complete their vision and support you to complete your work. Take a big build, work together, lead the other mayors and watch your city become livelier!

SimCity BuildIt apk mod image gallery:

PVP game specifications:

Package Name for
Last Update dateMay 15, 2018
Size of town building game98 MB
Required android OS4.0 & up
Current version1.22.1.73386
Developer for SimCity BuildIt apk modELECTRONIC ARTS
Category of apk fileSimulation
User Rating4.4/5

Term of Use/ Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

Privacy and Cookie policy: PRIVACY.EA.COM/JP

Please see assistance and inquiries.

Important SimCity BuildIt consumer information:

Town building game app: EA Privacy & Cookie Policy and terms of use must be agreed upon. Advertise your EA and its partners. Use third-party analytics techniques to collect data (see Privacy and cookie policies for more information). SimCity BuildIt Includes direct links to the Internet and social networking sites for viewers over 13 years of age. EA may retire the online function after 30 days notice posted on

SimCity BuildIt apk mod details:

It contains unlimited money and gold for you with which you will be able to buy everything you want. All things are now in your hand.

I humbly request to all Muslims to turn off music while playing SimCity BuildIt apk mod. Because music is HARAM in Islam. So if you don’t turn off your music you will be responsible for your SINS. I am focusing to entertain people but without music that all games includes. So please turn music off. JAZAKALLAH
If you agreed to turn off the music then click here to access downloading links

Download original file

Modded file link (Please disable the Internet before running the game. When the window appears, enable the Internet, enable the Internet, click Retry, and then disable it immediately.)


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