Tekken 3 APK mod Best Android 3D Fighting Game

Tekken 3 android logoDownload Tekken 3 apk mod which is considered one of the best 3d fighting games for android of all time. In this arcade game, you can choose from your favorite character to begin fight. Try out the new tekken 3 mod from the original developer of classic spices!

Many of us know this amazing game and everyone who has probably played a lot of fighting games. As always, a clumsy plot, not only a battle, but a sea of blood and violence. Your work is very simple. You have to defeat the enemy until you fall unconscious. Tekken 3 mod is remembered a lot more when you play in PS. You can now play on your smartphone with the built-in emulator. Various heroes and a sea of blood are approved by all the fans of the battle game.

Tekken 3 game features Details:

Android description:

It in the opinion of most gamers, this is the best fight of all time.

It has been released for the Sony PlayStation 1 console in 199 years. This is unlike other newer Tekken games, which gives the maximum number of modes.

But the most interesting is the arcade mode.

As soon as you defeat 12 combatants, you will be fighting a new character.

Solve most of the new fighters Tekken 3 apk mod game and you can play in volleyball mode.

It’s especially funny to play as a little dragon with the most entertaining hits in it.

Features: Several modes a number of characters dynamic battle and control system

Different playing modes are included.

Many characters to choose from.

A dynamic battle to entertain you completely.

A convenient system of control for user friendly controls.

Tekken 3 apk mod image gallery:


Package Name for applicationcom.banafshedev.tekken3
Last Update dateOctober 30, 2017
Size of 3D fighting game21.2 MB
Required android OS2.2 & up
Current version1.1
Developer for Tekken 3 apk modBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Category of apk fileArcade
User Rating4.7/5

Tekken 3 apk mod functions:

It deos not contains any money or gold etc. Download and start making fun now.

I humbly request to all Muslims to turn off music while playing games. Because music is HARAM in Islam. So if you don’t turn off your music you will be responsible for your SINS. I am focusing to entertain people but without music that all games includes. So please turn music off. JAZAKALLAH
If you agreed to turn off the music then click here to access downloading links

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