Vainglory APK 5V5 3.2.0 (73992) Strategy Game

Vainglory apk game logoWelcome to the Halcyon fold Vainglory APK 5V5 3.2.0 (73992). Download with Obb data and Interact with your friends in real-time PVP multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), which you can play for free. Jump into a variety of game modes. From a quick melee bout to a deep competitive match. Vainglory apk can choose from a perpetually growing roster of more than 30 heroes, as fighting in real time to destroy the enemy’s vain crystals. In this moba, you are rewarded with strategy and teamwork rather than spending the most money.

Reviews regarding strategy game:

“This is one of the best multiplayer experiences on mobile. Vainglory is the perfect experience of the moba available in the palm of your hand at any time “-IGN

“Best Mobile game”-2016 Global Mobile Award

“Set the bar in terms of visuals, balance and control. “-TouchArcade

Vainglory Features:

Casual, ranking, quick play mode:

Vainglory provides real-time moba combat with bots and live players. Even if you’re in the guild rankings, Vainglory apk has a game play style for you, even if you want to participate in a five minute playing session.

30 + playable heroes & unlock skins:

Choose a hero that matches your play style. Carry your team with a high-damage hero, dominate the jungle, or lead your team to battle as captain. Collect three different skins and seasonal Special Edition skins for your personality!

E.V.I.L engine designed for touch control & mobile:

Vainglory’s game engine, designed for mobile, is made for a fierce battle of 60 fps. There is no need for a joystick. Vainglory pin-point touch controls provide less control responsiveness than 30ms. Simply put, tap the enemy. They die.

Guild and team:

Need someone to play? Vainglory’s built-in Guild Finder makes it easy to find a team at your skill level. You can make a team to raise ranks as a group or earn more rewards by playing with the guild.

Chest and reward:

Collect the money in the game to earn incredible tiered rewards like skins and heroes! Find the mystery key and earn bonuses and get a chance to get huge rewards.

The world’s competitive s-port:

Vainglory apk has held official competitions in multiple regions around the world. Seasonal tournaments and live s-port events are regularly broadcasted.

Vibrant community:

Vainglory is a global community of 17 languages and thrives on the support of active players. Follow the Vainglory’s official social media channel to see the latest news and announcements!

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Package Name for
Last Update date
April 18, 2018
Size of Strategy game for android13 MB
Required android OS4.1 & up
Current version5V5 3.2.0 (73992)
Developer for Vainglory apkSuper Evil Megacorp
Category of apk fileStrategy
User Rating4.4/5

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